London Meals Market offers free groceries to “susceptible” folks on Christmas Day


A grocery market helps those who need it most by handing out bags of groceries on Christmas Day.

Mercato Metropolitano staff at Elephant and Castle spend their Christmas Day making sure others have something to eat.

From 11 a.m. in front of the grocery store, the Metropolitano Mercato employees will hand out the free Christmas lunch bags.

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An employee gives the locals a bag of food

There are a total of 60 bags depending on availability and one bag per family base.

But Mercato Metropolitano is no stranger to charity. In November and December, the market provided 4,890 free meals, including hot take-away lunches and grocery bags, to vulnerable members of our ward.

Andrea Rasca said: “In our turbulent times, I am impressed by how the MM community has responded to the needs of London with great joy, passion and friendliness.

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“We have provided COVID-19 emergency food to 3,060 people. Volunteers provide 16,000 meals and raise 18,000 pounds.

“We continued to provide 4,869 community dinners for 1,579 people. I look forward to attending and seeing MM evolve to meet the needs of our beautiful community.”

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