London-Middlesex Seniors 80+ and 70+ can rebook for earlier vaccinations subsequent week


CENTRAL Eccentric, ONT. – In London and Middlesex, seniors over 80 can rebook their second COVID-19 vaccination appointment from Monday, while seniors over 70 can rebook an accelerated second dose from Thursday.

Due to vaccine availability, the Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU) opens rebooking for those over 80 one week to the majority of the province and for those over 70 four days later.

Health officials say the region’s online booking system has been updated to allow these groups to postpone their second dose earlier than the original 112-day interval, subject to availability of appointments. Eligible persons can also rebook by calling 226-289-3560.

Due to the high demand and the fact that the appointments are already booked a month in advance, the MLHU says that only a few appointments will be available before June 21, but after that there will be about 3,500 appointments each morning.

MLHU Medical Officer of Health Dr. Chris Mackie said in a statement the health department looks forward to fully vaccinating those who rebook sooner.

But he added, “We just ask those rescheduling an appointment for a second dose to make sure they cancel any pre-arranged appointments for the second dose so that we can make that time available to others who can make an appointment for the want to book the first dose of the vaccine. ”

Also starting next week, anyone who needs a second dose in the next four weeks and has received their first dose in a different area (pharmacy, doctor’s office) or province / region can make an appointment, including those who have received the Astra Zeneca vaccine but received an mRNA vaccine for their second dose.

A list of those eligible for the reduced time between doses is available here.

Seniors who need to reschedule their appointment should select “Gate # 4 I need to reschedule my scheduled second dose” from the options, while those who received their first dose elsewhere should select “Gate # 5, I received my first dose elsewhere.” and now need to “enter to book a second dose.”