London Neighborhood Artists and Cherryhill Village Mall are teaming up for an area artwork gallery


Mall-goers gather to view the artworks on display by London Community Artists in a hallway at Cherryhill Village Mall

London Community Artists are always looking for ways to involve members in events and activities across the city. Cherryhill Village Mall is always looking for new, creative ways to celebrate London. On Saturday 5th February the two joined forces to officially open the Cherryhill Village Mall Gallery with The London Community Artists.

It is a series of five display cases in one of the mall’s corridors, filled with artworks created by members of the London-based arts guild. According to LCA President Bill Stephens, the project has been in the works for almost a year and completion of the project will give members of the arts group a chance to show their work to Londoners.

According to Cindy Sedge, Cherryhill Mall’s director of marketing, the project has evolved tremendously over the planning year. “It was originally a concept for a mural, but the sad thing about a mural is that after a while everyone saw it. And then the idea evolved from a mural to an ever-changing gallery that we can rotate every five to six weeks to focus on different artists.”

The current plan for the art gallery is that each period will feature ten artists occupying half a case to display their best work. In addition, each piece is presented with identifying information, as well as a price and a link to which you can go if you are interested in purchasing the work.

LCA member Deborah Stephen poses with two of her artworks on display at the gallery

The opening ceremony of the gallery was attended by members of the LCA, as well as curious visitors from shopping centers and city officials. Present were Eunju Yi and Rebekah Morrison-Wize, the London Arts Council’s Executive Director and Development and Investment Officer. Yi praised the joint efforts of the mall and the art group, saying, “For artists, the opportunity to display and sell their artwork is an amazing opportunity, and I’m glad this group is able to host a truly creative artist find a way to present their work in public space.”

With the installation, all parties hope it will bring greater appreciation for the arts community to London.