London, Ont. Lawyer donates $150,000 to three native charities


A London, Ont. The lawyer shares the spirit of the season by donating to three local charities – totaling $150,000.

Lawyer Barbara Legate and her husband each donated $50,000 to three charities: the London Food Bank, the Salvation Army, and Anova, a charity for women and children experiencing domestic violence.

London morning6:00 a.mLondoner donates $150,000

London lawyer Barbara Legate tells London Morning what prompted her to donate $150,000 to three community charities including the London Food Bank. 6:00 a.m

“I really admire what they do”

Legate says every organization is close to her heart.

She began volunteering with the Salvation Army 30 years ago and rang the bell at the annual Christmas Cauldron campaign. Later, she says, she would take her kids shopping to raise funds for the charity.

“I thank The Salvation Army for instilling this sense of social justice and teaching my own children the privileges they have,” she says. “It was the beginning of attitudes in them that took hold.”

She says that as a local organisation, the London Food Bank is doing important work to feed some of the most vulnerable in the community.

“For heaven’s sake, this is Canada, this is London, people shouldn’t have to beg for food,” she says. “I really admire what they do.”

An Anova women’s shelter at 101 Wellington Rd. in London, Ont. (Travis Dolynny/CBC)

Legate says she has a family connection to Anova through her husband, who worked at a predecessor organization. She says she feels the organization could use a boost, especially this year.

“One of the first things my husband and I talked about with the pandemic was that it’s going to be bad for women,” she says. “They’re locked inside, drinking more and so on. It came as no surprise to hear that the pandemic has indeed increased demand.”

Legate says she gives to charity every year, although the pandemic has inspired her to make a bigger donation this year.

She challenges others with similar means to do the same.

“When people are really hurting and you have to give until it hurts,” Legate says. “I would challenge other business leaders and wealthy people out there to give until it hurts because a lot of people are getting hurt in this pandemic.”

sounds of the season

CBC London’s annual Sounds of the Season campaign is underway to raise money for the London Food Bank.

Throughout the month of December, CBC London’s on-air programs and digital websites will highlight the people and organizations working to help those affected by food insecurity.

Last year, Sounds of the Season raised over $13,000 in donations and nearly £500 in food.

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