London secures three spots – The Upcoming

London secures three spots – The Upcoming

The world’s 50 best restaurants publish the 51-100 list for 2023: London takes three spots

June 8, 2023

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Ahead of the annual culinary awards ceremony, the Academy of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants has announced the ranking from 51st to 100th place for 2023.

London’s dining scene shines in this expanded list of three restaurants on the list: a testament to the culinary vibrancy and innovation our city continues to demonstrate on the world stage.

Just outside the top half, Brat, a Michelin-starred grill restaurant known for its fire cooking style, ranks 53rd.

Core by Clare Smyth, the acclaimed restaurant helmed by Britain’s first female chef to run a three-star establishment, proudly makes it back to number 71. Lyle’s, known for its meticulous attention to seasonal produce, lands at number 86.

The unveiled 51-100 List is a culinary map tracing the journey of gastronomic delights across five continents. This compilation is based on the collective opinion of 1,080 independent culinary experts, including renowned international chefs, food journalists and discerning restaurateurs. Featuring 12 newcomers from 11 different cities, the extensive list paints a vibrant and exciting picture of the world’s burgeoning food landscapes.

Europe tops the list with 21 featured restaurants, followed by Asia with 15. The Americas are also well represented, with North America contributing six and South America five. The Middle East and Africa make their mark with three restaurants. The highest new signing is Mérito from Lima at number 59.

Featuring representatives from newcomers – Quito and Panama City – to cities with well-known favorites like Rio de Janeiro and Istanbul – this list is a tribute to gastronomy.

William Drew, content director of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, praised the expanded list and said he was pleased that locations were included for the first time. He emphasized that all establishments listed represent “outstanding hospitality and some of the finest culinary experiences in the world,” according to the Globe.

Compiling the highly anticipated list brings together 1,080 international restaurant industry professionals who make up the 50 Best Academy. Deloitte independently decides on the ranking to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the voting process and the resulting lists.

With almost two weeks to go before the live announcement of the Top 50 list in Valencia, restaurateurs, food critics and lovers of the culinary arts will be eagerly awaiting. As the UK culinary scene continues to make its mark on this prestigious list, we can look forward to more domestic successes in the Top 50, with restaurants Clove Club, Ikoyi and Kol likely to be the breakthroughs.

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The list of the 50 best restaurants in the world 2023 will be published in Valencia on June 20, 2023. The ceremony will be streamed live on the 50 Best YouTube page here and on Facebook here.

Here are the 50 best restaurants in the world 51-100 for 2023

position restaurant Location country Change since 2022
51 Narisawa Tokyo Japan -6
52 Court Van Cleve Kruishoutem Belgium -25
53 brat London Great Britain +28
54 mayor Guadalajara Mexico -3
55 Serious Berlin Germany +7
56 sun Bangkok Thailand -17
57 Down to earth Copenhagen Denmark -19
58 Quiet Rio de Janeiro Brazil +20
59 merit Lima Peru new entry
60 La Cime osaka Japan -19
61 Chef’s Table at the Brooklyn Fare new York United States +2
62 arpeggio Paris France -31
63 neolocal Istanbul Turkey new entry
64 By placing The port of Santa Maria Spain new entry
65 Burnt ends Singapore Singapore +29
66 Turk Fatih Tutak Istanbul Turkey new entry
67 The Clarence Paris France -39
68 SingleThread Healdsburg United States -18
69 Zen Singapore Singapore +1
70 South 777 Mexico City Mexico -18
71 Core by Clare Smyth London Great Britain new entry
72 Suhring Bangkok Thailand -6
73 cosme new York United States -4
74 Nusara Bangkok Thailand new entry
75 fyn Cape Town South Africa -38
76 And of course Rio de Janeiro Brazil -29
77 tantra Munich Germany +21
78 Alléno Paris in the Ledoyen Pavilion Paris France -20
79 Nuema Quito Ecuador new entry
80 salt flakes Megeve France +19
81 Azurmendi keep yourself busy Spain -26
82 Puzzle Barcelona Spain new entry
83 Sazenka Tokyo Japan -24
84 Meta Singapore Singapore +11
85 Enrico Bartolini Milan Italy new entry
86 lyles London Great Britain -32
87 Ossiano Dubai United Arab Emirates new entry
88 cut Bangkok Thailand new entry
89 mixes Seoul South Korea -18
90 wing Hong Kong China +10
91 Gift Copenhagen Denmark new entry
92 neighborhood Hong Kong China -16
93 Yes Paris France new entry
94 The Dove Cape Town South Africa -38
95 salvation Roquebrune Cap Martin France new entry
96 Ricard Camarena Restaurant Valencia Spain new entry
97 labyrinth Singapore Singapore new entry
98 season san francisco United States new entry
99 Fu Hey Hui Shanghai China -35
100 milk Panama City Panama new entry