London supply service combats meals waste with growth into Wales


A London fruit and vegetable delivery company has announced that it will expand its operations to the south west of England and South Wales.

Oddbox, which uses fruits and vegetables that are considered “too ugly” for supermarkets, has been operating in London for five years. During that time, it has saved an estimated 13,970 tons of food from waste.

The company is now expanding to include South Wales and South West England, including Bristol, Cardiff and Gloucester.

The expansion plans will increase Oddbox’s delivery radius to an additional 700,000 households in Wales and the South West.

Emilie Vanpoperinghe, Co-Founder and CEO of Oddbox, commented: “We are excited to expand Oddbox to Wales and the South West, expanding our community of people who do good for the planet and our growers by saving delicious ‘weird’ fruits support and vegetables from wasting.

“We are committed to helping people lead more sustainable lives. By expanding our reach to Wales and the South West, we can have a greater collective impact.

“When we know that, according to the Drawdown Project, tackling food waste is the number one solution to reversing the climate crisis, we can hope that together we can leave the planet in a better place for our children.”

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