London Well being and Care Devolution Program

London Health and Care Devolution Program

The London Health and Care Devolution Program Board – as a group – will provide guidance for the leadership, oversight, direction and delivery of all aspects of the London Health and Care Programme. Read their terms of reference.

Local London Authorities:

  • Will Tuckley – Chief Executive, London Borough of Tower Hamlets and CELC Health Lead (Chairman)
  • John O’Brien – Chief Executive, London Councils

London CCGs:

  • dr Marc Rowland – Chair, Lewisham CCG and London Clinical Commissioning Councils
  • Andrew Eyres – Chair of the London CCG Chief Officers Group

NHS England London Region:

  • Professor Jane Cummings – Regional Director
  • David Slegg – Regional Finance Director

Greater London Authority:

  • Jeff Jacobs – Head of Paid Service
  • Amanda Coyle – Director, Health and Communities

Public Health England London Region:

  • dr Yvonne Doyle – Regional Director
  • dr Marilena Korkodilos – Deputy Regional Director

Invited national partners:

  • Representative of:

  • NHS improvement
  • NHS England
  • Public Health England
  • health department
  • HM Treasury
  • Where relevant, other central government partners

Other participants:

  • Representatives of the London Devolution Pilots
  • Healthy London Partnership: Shaun Danielli – Program Director
  • Geoff Alltimes – Independent Co-Chairman, London Estates Board
  • Nabihah Sachedina – Program Director for Health and Care Devolution in London