London well being officers emphasize mask-wearing amid lifting of provincial restrictions – London


Local health workers and other authorities are advising caution as the mask-lifting mandates in Ontario come to an end at the end of the month.

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Kieran Moore said Ontario will lift mask mandates for most social amenities starting March 21, including restaurants, gyms, large event spaces and schools.

But the London health officer says people should still wear them, although masks are no longer required for most social settings.

“We continue to have high Omicron transmission in our region. Although it’s declining, given the reduction in public health protections, it’s likely that rates could actually increase,” said Dr. Alex Summers.

“It is therefore important that we take a multi-pronged approach to protecting ourselves, with vaccination being the cornerstone of this, but continuing to mask wherever possible indoors.”

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Summers recommended people continue to wear masks at least through the months of March and April.

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Ontario lifts the mask mandate in most settings March 21, with all guidelines set to drop by April 27

With the mask rule for schools being lifted right after the March break, Dr. Summers urges parents to continue encouraging their children to wear masks.

“Recognizing that masks are not the perfect solution, they can still be of great help and as such, if you have a child who is happy to wear a mask, I would continue to strongly encourage parents and guardians out there to do so.” do,” he said.

dr Nitin Mohan, a professor at Western and an expert in infectious disease surveillance, said people should continue to wear a mask indoors and in poorly ventilated areas.

“I’m curious to see what happens in autumn and winter when the risk of virus transmission increases. We’ve seen wonderful unintended benefits of masks, a drop in cold and flu rates, so putting on masks in colder weather is becoming second nature for some sections of the population and other sections of the population may refrain from doing so,” he said.

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The mask requirement still applies to public transport or healthcare facilities such as hospitals, long-term care homes and high-risk care facilities. The province has said it will lift all other mask requirements and other policies on April 27.

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“And anyone who wants to wear a mask… you’re welcome. It will be up to the people,” Premier Doug Ford said Wednesday at an independent news conference in Brantford, Ontario, just minutes before Moore was scheduled to speak.

NEW: The Children’s Health Coalition encourages “everyone to continue to mask in schools” and says they would have “preferred the masks to stay in place for two weeks after the March break.” #onpoli BM1f6IF1Bv

— Colin D’Mello CTVNews (@ColinDMello) March 9, 2022

The London Health Sciences Center Children’s Hospital is among hospitals in the Children’s Health Coalition urging people to keep masking schools.

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A look at Ontario’s timeline for lifting all COVID measures

In a joint statement, the coalition said it was “pleased with the decrease in school absenteeism, outbreaks and pediatric hospitalizations over the past eight weeks”.

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“As we know that most cases of COVID-19 identified in schools have their origins outside of school, we would have preferred the masks to remain in place for two weeks after the March break so that we could see the impact of the broader reopening of Ontario,” the statement read.

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COVID-19: Ontario lifts mask mandate in most settings March 21, all guidelines by April 27

COVID-19: Ontario lifts mask mandate in most settings March 21, all guidelines by April 27

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