London will quickly welcome the Think about Van Gogh exhibition


The immersive art exhibition that’s making international headlines is coming to 100 Kellogg Lane this fall.

Presented by Encore Productions, the exhibition features 200 paintings by artist Vincent Van Gogh. The local venue stated that “the exhibition will bring Van Gogh’s paintings to life in a vivid and spectacular way”.

“I’ve seen people cry in this room, I’ve seen people get engaged in this room. It really is a magical exhibition.”
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Imagine Van Gogh was first exhibited in France and toured worldwide with recent stops in Edmonton and Vancouver to extend their stay due to popular demand.

The creators, Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron, have been working on this exhibition for a number of years,” said Angela Di Corpo, chief concert logistics manager at Garber International Management Consultants. “When it came to Quebec City, my boss and I decided we wanted to take it across Canada.”

DJ Williams of Corus Radio London has worked to bring this exhibition to 100 Kellogg Lane.

“A longtime friend of mine is a touring show agent and has worked with the production Imagine Van Gogh for a number of years,” says Williams. “I told him there was a really great venue in London that made a really big statement in the entertainment world and I think the show would fit.”

In a 25,000 square foot space with 25 foot ceilings, Williams highlights the emotion behind the art.

“Before entering the great hall, go through the training room, where you will have the opportunity to read and learn about all aspects of Vincent Van Gogh’s life. The beautiful moments and some of the dark moments that led to the untimely death of the man who left an amazing body of work.”

“So before you enter the large exhibition and are overwhelmed by the sound and the images, you have a much better understanding of the man, his story and his attention to detail.”

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Posted by 100 Kellogg on Wednesday December 22, 2021

Di Corpo adds that the classroom allows audiences to “immerse themselves in every brushstroke.”

“I’ve seen people cry in this room, I’ve seen people get engaged in this room. It really is a magical exhibition.”

Natalie Wakabayashi is Director of Culture and Entertainment at Tourism London and expects it’s not just Londoners to enjoy the experience.

“It’s a great piece of tourism,” says Wakabayashi. “We’re really proud of our community partners who continue to raise the bar or think outside the box of what would be great for our community.”

Tickets are not yet available, but interested parties can register in advance.