London’s finest cocktail supply service


In a time of coronavirus, things are changing quickly. Check the websites for the latest details and delivery zones, and email us with any newcomers we should know.

Be your own bartender. Photo credit: Andrei Mayatnik / Shutterstock

If you want to stay in but all out, these are the pre-mixed cocktail delivery services that will add a touch of ceremony to your night on the sofa.

And a virtuous alternative reason to order massive amounts of liquor that will help keep the London bars you love afloat, waiting to welcome you across the lock.

The Sun Tavern – for the Sazerac

Bethnal Green’s The Sun Tavern’s Quarantini kit contains two bottles of your choice (four servings per bottle). On the basis that you should be ordering things that are a chore for you – possibly because they’re hard to find or you probably don’t have all the esoteric ingredients at home – we’d be half Sazerac (If you have your own supply of your Having your own brandy and Peychauds bitters in your closet, we bow to your superior adulthood and half the toreador (tequila, apricot and lemon; less saccharin and much stronger than it sounds).

Delivery: free within 2 miles of their Bethnal Green Bar. £ 10 for all other deliveries.

The Sun Tavern Quarantini Kit contains eight cocktails (choose two cocktails from the list, four servings each) for £ 30. (Reduced to £ 24 in January)

Order here from The Umbrella Project.

Mac + Wild – for Foraged Old Fashioned

Scottish whiskey slingers Mac + Wild were sending punters home with pre-filled masterpieces long before the lockdown. Around the 30-pound mark, we recommend the Foraged Old Fashioned whiskey, which is shot through with heather honey and fir tincture. But keep an eye out for the ginger laddie: sometimes it shows up on the menu – Bruichladdich, Oloroso Sherry and Vermouth, in a souped-up Manhattan.

Delivery: Delivery anywhere in London – retailers vary, as do shipping costs.

Mac + Wild cocktails range from £ 29-32 for a 50cl bottle.

Order here from Mac + Wild.

Mr. Lyan – old-fashioned for the campfire

We were drawn to this for shallow reasons (the name), but it’s as smoky and soul-warming as it sounds. Mr Lyan’s cocktails can be a pretty high concept, but this is an uncomplicated treat, although it may not be for old-fashioned purists (whiskey, cola bitters, lapsang souchong tea).

Delivery: Delivery via Master of Malt across London. Different shipping costs.

Mr Lyan cocktails start at £ 30 for a 50cl bottle.

Order here from the Master of Malt.

Pamela – for the Des Barres

To be completely honest, we put a lot of thought into starring Pamela’s Old Fashioned on this shot, and just not because we were embarrassed to have so many whiskey cocktails on the list. We contain a multitude. Take a vodka-based intake instead. The Des Barres is a light green bottle of jalapeño infused vodka mixed with kiwi puree in a thick, vibrant smoothie. So much the better for the weird dissonance that comes from making it look strikingly like a wheatgrass shot or something else that’s good for you.

Honorable mention of the healthy but not healthy oat milk white Russian DIY kit. Oat milk brings the slightly clotting pleasure of your normal Belarusian – like yes, the wonders of dairy products, but still: The thin sharpness of vodka, that mixture of cream and angularity, comes to a perfect, malty coarseness where a bitter vodka kick makes suddenly more sense.

Delivery: London Zones 1-3, £ 5.

Pamela cocktails start at £ 30 for a 50cl bottle, and the Russian Oat Milk Wheat Pack is £ 45 for the set.

Order here from Pamela.

Cocktail Trading Co. – the hell it’s still the weekend

Disclaimer: We have never tried this one before but it was clear that this was the only CTC that was pre-filled for us when the order page loaded.

Jägermeister Manifesto, Pinot Noir with walnut spices, coffee and rooibos. Objectively, that sounds terrible – as does being described as pretty “out there” – but we miss going out in London and part of what we miss is drinking something unfortunate and pretty “out there” just because You yelled it over the internet counter in a low light bar where you couldn’t read the menu but the consequences didn’t go as far as having to drink the drink you just ordered.

CTC also offers nice-sounding premixed bottles if Lockdown hits you differently than we do. If you are still in the market for nice drinks that you will have a great time for then go for The Ultimate Mule.

Delivery: All over London, you can find the delivery area on the Flask Cocktails menu.

Cocktail Trading Co. bottles start at £ 7 for a single serving.

Order cocktails here at Flask.