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London’s street food markets are reopening across the capital

June 1, 2020

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Gourmets rejoice, sun hunters rejoice, all Londoners rejoice; Because even if the days of lockdown continue, there is still hope that the summer will be saved. Following a government announcement, restrictions have been eased to allow open-air markets to rebuild their stalls – albeit with a more careful eye. Street food is back on the menu, along with fresh local produce and the smoky smell of the popular grill. Here are some of the markets that stock refrigerators and light the grill.

Camden Market

No market is more iconic than Camden, so north Londoners will be delighted to learn that this foodie hotspot has reopened as of today. Of course, the market cannot function as usual: the owners recently announced a number of new measures, including the introduction of a single-use system, the installation of hand sanitizing stations and the requirement of card payments where possible. If you can’t make it to market, many vendors can also order from Deliveroo, JustEat and UberEats so you can recreate it in your garden or on your balcony.

City market

As of today, London Bridge’s Borough Market will also reopen some of their stalls, despite having issued a special Covid-19 user manual for customers. The “come, shop, leave” policy will not surprise anyone. The organizers compared the website to an “alternative open-air supermarket”. So prepare to be greeted by the all-too-familiar queues. However, the thought of standing in the sun and being greeted by fresh, quality produce from some of the best suppliers in the country might convince you that the wait is worth it.

Portobello street

The famous Portobello market in Notting Hill appears to be soon to follow – but hopefully less busy. According to a new proposal, the street, which is normally closed to traffic every Saturday, is said to also be closed on Fridays so that customers can shop more easily while maintaining social distance. This plan has upset locals, who fear they may be trapped, but will no doubt help small businesses get started again.

Soho Summer Street Festival

When it comes to helping local businesses, no area needs more customer needs than the normally busy, built-up areas like Soho. Because of this, SaveSoho was created to introduce the open air service and keep the restaurants alive. Those behind the initiative are suggesting the pedestrian area of ​​some streets to host the Soho Summer Street Festival. You can find more updates on the website, where you can also register your support.

Rosamund Kelby
Photo: Cristiana Ferrauti