Maltese architect unveils gorgeous construction in central London to ship a strong message on local weather change


Maltese architect Jonathan Mizzi has unveiled a structure in South Kensington, London, that his studio designed to send a strong message of the importance of taking climate change seriously.

“Home Away From Hive”, designed by Malta-London-based Mizzi Studio in collaboration with the Science Museum, was selected last June as one of three “green interventions” on Exhibition Road that aim to promote biodiversity and to support the recovery of London’s post-pandemic art and science district.

Inspired by wild bee nests, the wooden construction is 40 square meters, five meters high and contains passages for humans.

It’s covered in medicinal and pollination-friendly plants that are designed to attract wild bees to the heart of London’s urban environment and to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity in the process.

“Our work has always been driven and inspired by nature,” said Mizzi. “Since our studio was founded, our designs have been based on biophilia and biomorphism and celebrate the ingenuity of organic systems and shapes.”

“But we are now working in an air conditioning system, and accordingly our focus is even more driven by the desire to bring about positive changes through design.”

“We saw this project as an opportunity to highlight the importance of respecting the planet’s ecosystem. Bees are heroic protagonists in our natural world who are essential for the preservation of humans and other living beings. “

“They are an important part of our ecosystem and their role in that system is threatened. Dedicating this installation to bring bees and other pollinators back into our urban environment was an important and urgent reason to take part in this competition. “

“Home Away from Hive therefore contributes to a broader discussion about urban rewilding – it enables nature and wildlife to reclaim a rightful place in our built environment.”

The structure of Mizzi Studio will remain on Exhibition Road until October, coinciding with COP26 – a major international UN climate summit that will take place in Glasgow this November.

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