Man brutally overwhelmed in racist assault inside minutes of arriving in London from Poland and police opted to not attend


A 31-year-old Polish immigrant has detailed how he was brutally assaulted in a racially motivated attack moments after arriving in London from Poland. After getting off his bus at Victoria Station, he explained how he asked some men for directions and then was beaten unconscious after they asked where he was from. Kamil Sobala, who previously lived in London, had traveled to the capital from Bath, having flown in from his home country on his return to the UK.

Kamil was thrown to the ground and repeatedly punched in the face in the attack on Elizabeth Street, which was recorded with a mobile phone from an adjacent pub. After the brutal attack, Kamil said he was “shattered by the experience” and so scared he now even dreads going to the shops.

He says he “can’t even sleep”. He explained how he woke up in the hospital at around 7.50pm on Saturday June 18 after asking the men for directions at 7.50pm. Kamil said: “I was going to meet up with friends and walked past the pub to ask for directions because my phone was dead.

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“I wanted to know where I can charge my cell phone and where the subway station is. These guys, I asked them for help to find the station Then they asked me where I’m from and I said Poland.

“Then they started hitting me. It’s terrible. I’m just scared to go to the store, I can’t sleep and I’m scared and in pain. My back hurts, as does my eye, cheek, and face. It was racist. They didn’t start attacking me until I said I was from Poland; they beat me until I can’t remember anything.”

Kamil was beaten by two men after asking them for directions, having just got out of a carriage

Footage of the attack circulated on social media. The disgusting video shows a man appearing to hit Kamil repeatedly while lying on the ground. At the time of the attack, onlookers criticized the police for not coming to help Kamil. Since then, Kamil has assisted the police in their investigations and the investigation into the incident is still ongoing.

Kamil said: “Now it’s bad because I’ve been drinking because it stops the pain. A lady posted a video of me calling the ambulance. I want to thank everyone who helped and the video is good because hopefully the guys get caught.”

After arriving in the country in 2013, Kamil returned to the UK this year and moved to London to live with friends. He was in London just minutes before he was attacked.

When asked about the incident, the Metropolitan Police said: “Police were called at around 7:50pm on Saturday 18 June to receive reports of a man being assaulted in Elizabeth Street, SW1. A man was taken to hospital for treatment for injuries before being released. An investigation into the circumstances is ongoing.”

Kamil claims to have been beaten in a racially motivated attack

When asked if police refused to show up for the incident, they said: “Officers were not involved in this incident but have since spoken to both the victim and witnesses to this attack. The investigation to identify the person responsible for this attack is ongoing.”

They continued: “When police receive calls about incidents they are evaluated on a number of grounds including whether there is an imminent threat to life. In this case, the caller stated that the suspect left the scene and an ambulance was called, meaning it was not rated in the highest category for an answer.”

There have been no arrests at this time. Anyone with information that might assist police is asked to call 101 or tweet @MetCC and quote CAD7204/18June.

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