Married couple quarantined on arrival from London, well being division to find out the presence of the Delta Plus variant


Barwani (Madhya Pradesh): Health Department officials have taken samples from couples who have come here and asked them to be quarantined at home for 17 days.

According to information, the wife was quarantined in Barwani district and the husband in Khargone district.

Dr. Anita Singarey, chief medical and health officer of Barwani District, said the couple arrived in Indore on July 2, after landing in Delhi on July 1. After arriving in Indore, they traveled to Thikri by private vehicle on July 2nd.

Since the woman’s family belongs to Thikri Village in Barwani District, her husband dropped her there and went to his home village of Ghugriyakhedi in Khargone District.

After receiving the information, the health department took her samples and sent them for examination. If your report is positive, your sample will be taken to determine if the Delta Plus variant is present.