Meals for London Now: How Vehicles Deliver Groceries to These Who Want It Most



The homeless, unemployed and others who are bearing the brunt of the hunger crisis will be fed throughout the winter lockdown as part of the Evening Standard’s “Food for London Now” Christmas campaign.

The Standard, together with our appeal partner Felix Project, will deploy two state-of-the-art food trucks across London, supplied by Food Truck Masters, who lead the Together19 Street Vendor initiative.

Each truck provides hot meals to those in need, and the initiative is active six days a week.

Professional chefs, food experts and volunteers from With Compassion – a charity founded to fight London’s food crisis – will prepare thousands of meals from the food supplied by Felix.

Curries, moussaka, fried chicken, vegetables, and rice are among the meals in the vans, which attend a range of charities, from food banks like the Ringcross Community Center – where Emma Corrin of The Crown has already helped – to children’s charities like Greenhouse Sports in Marylebone.

“We have ex-homeless people, those whose mental health has improved from volunteering, and others who just wanted to help,” said Leon Aarts, founder of With Compassion.

After cooking in a kitchen for the past few months, Aarts is looking forward to the opportunity to serve again. “That way we can hear people’s stories and let them know that we are together in some way,” he says.

Aarts and his team will oversee the kitchen in the kitchens of the London Scottish House. The historic building was founded by two charities – the London Scottish Regimental Trust and the London Scottish Headquarters Trust – and has long been helping those in need.

Now let’s feed London

This November and December, together with our sister company The Independent, we will deliver groceries directly to 1,000 Londoners every day through our partner With Compassion. Please donate here to ensure no Londoner goes hungry this Christmas.

“As a social enterprise, helping others is at the heart of our mission,” said Lettie West of London’s Scottish House.

“The Evening Standard campaign is a great example of how we can and should come together as a community. What we have to share with others is not a new phenomenon, but has gained prominence in the media which will help so many more people get back on their feet or just feed their children. ”


The Food For London Now campaign began on March 27, just days after Covid-19 hit the UK. The funds will be used to distribute free hot meals to charities, families and those hardest hit by Covid-19.