Meet our eco ambassador: London-based meals photographer Patrick Smith


The new NoW collection from Revol inspires environmental ambassadors and takes the world of hospitality a step further towards sustainability.

Patrick Smith aka londonfoodboy comes from a family with a background in the hospitality industry and came to London five years ago. Patrick’s passion for photography and technology spurred him to create his own Instagram account “londonfoodboy”. His report shows London’s best food and drink. Shortly thereafter, Patrick founded his own marketing agency «PROCK» and is now one of the most respected gourmets on the London scene.

Patrick is an award-winning social media food photographer and is motivated to deliver an authentic, positive and environmentally conscious message to the London food and drink scene.

The partnership with Revol began in Spring 2020. “He has been a great eco ambassador by including Revol products in most of his work,” says Revol.

To be a professional food photographer

Taking photos for social media is a challenge. You have to be better than everyone who uses their phones. The immediate sharing in combination with today’s high quality of modern equipment can make almost anyone a “food critic”.

Second, the ability to translate a chef’s work into a picture. Cooks can be very demanding. “It’s my job to turn your ideas into beautiful photos”. Especially when working with Michelin Starred Chefs. Patrick works with creative mood boards, researches competitors and analysis data, develops strategies for the use of social media and delves deeply into the style of his customers.

Patrick believes in spontaneity and truthful recordings. Apart from “studio shots”, he calls it “freestyle photography”, which is just as accurate and authentic as what a guest discovers on their own plate.

Talking food and the London food scene

Arriving in London 5 years ago was a shock. “So many options in this melting pot,” he says. An interesting way to discover food in London is to visit and taste street food at food stalls and markets.

Lately, more and more local vendors have partnered with more established brands. For example, a local flatbread supplier who supplies a nationwide burger brand and vice versa – in order to make his offer more interesting.

Patrick is a trained “environmental consultant” and self-taught, including ecological approaches in his work for 15 years.

“Good food should be produced and distributed so that there is less waste.” Buying less meat (if you do, your local butcher can get it) and more organic are both simple things that are easily achieved.

In order to overcome the crisis, restaurants stand in front: go out to eat!

Patrick’s message is clear: “We have to support local businesses and eat out. But when a restaurant is closed for 5-6 months, people expect the same service but don’t forget that some places have lost their skilled staff. “One important thing I want to point out is that when you reserve a table, you really go and almost avoid becoming a ‘no show’.

Despite the current pandemic, Patrick has been busy taking pictures and since working with Revol has regained inspiration.