Millennials Musical welcomes new solid at London’s The Different Palace

Millennials Musical welcomes new cast at London’s The Other Palace

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Millennials Musical welcomes new cast at London’s The Other Palace

Elliot Clays Musical has also extended its commitment by another month.

Castle Georgina, Jarnéia Richard-Noel and Cleve September

The new musical Millennials, which began performances on July 8 at London’s The Other Palace, will welcome new cast members from August 9. The limited engagement, originally scheduled to last until August 7th, will now last until September 4th.

The cast includes Georgina Castle (Cinderella), Lucca Chadwick-Patel (Legally Blonde), Jarnéia Richard-Noel (SIX the Musical), Cleve September (Hamilton), Rhys Taylor (Book of Mormon) and Becca Wickes (Heathers the Musical).

Written and composed by Elliot Clay, Millennials focuses on the frustrations of young people in the modern world.

The original company consists of Luke Bayer, Hiba Elchikhe, Luke Latchman, Hannah Lowther, Rob Madge and Georgina Onuorah, with musical direction, keys and guitar by Ehsaan Shivarani and drums and percussion by Richard Burden.

The production, directed by Hannah Benson, also has arrangements, sound production and musical supervision by Auburn Jam, choreography by Tinovimbanashe Sibanda, design and lighting design by Andrew Exeter and costume styling by Rory Mcnerney.

Millennials is produced by The Other Palace.