Most Londoners adopted COVID-19 pointers on St. Patrick’s Day: Police – London


Police in London, Ontario say residents apparently took precautions for COVID-19 to heart as they celebrated another St. Patrick’s Day amid the pandemic.

In an update released on Thursday, police said most Londoners followed health guidelines when attending the annual celebration.

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Coronavirus: Patios busy, student areas quiet on St. Patrick’s Day in London, Ont.

“The London police and City of London By-Law officials have been encouraged by a slow start to this year’s St. Patrick’s Day,” police said in an update.

“Throughout the day and into the evening, there were a number of noise-related calls and complaints about small house parties across town.”

2:43We’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day during a pandemic

We’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day during a pandemic

Police said that while lineups had formed outside the downtown pubs around mid-morning on Wednesday, they disbanded as soon as the stores opened.

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Jack’s general manager Adam Campbell told Global News on Wednesday that the downtown bar had customers outside more than two hours before opening time.

He added that once the staff arrived, they were able to distribute the line and bring people in, which did not cause any problems with the lineup.

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Activity was noted on the terraces, along with an increase in downtown pedestrian traffic during the day. However, police say pubs and restaurants stayed within capacity and there were no corporate fees.

Caught with Jack’s general manager Adam Campbell asking about long lines outside the bar this morning. Says people queued more than 2 hours before it opened – something he’s never seen on #StPatricksDay, even outside of the pandemic. Hasn’t had any problems since #LdnOnt

– Andrew Graham (@andrewjwgraham) March 17, 2021

Regarding COVID-19 violations, police state that investigations into potential criminal offenses are underway under the Reopening Ontario Act, the law responsible for restricting social gatherings. Police say they will provide more information on these potential crimes as soon as it becomes available.

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“Our response was primarily about noise complaints, with Londoners following province guidelines when it came to reaching borders,” said Police Chief Steve Williams.

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Dr. Chris Mackie, the medical health officer for the Middlesex-London Health Unit, described St. Patrick’s Day as a “very, very mild Wednesday night” adding that health officials did not see “an enormous amount of problematic activity”.

“I understand and empathize with those who have had noise issues in their neighborhood, but we’d prefer people to party out loud than in large groups,” said Mackie.

“From a COVID perspective: Pretty happy.”

Deputy Mayor Josh Morgan also praised the Londoners for following the rules, but noted that it will be some time before officials can see the full picture.

“At the end of the day, that’s really important, this is where the case (COVID-19) counts, and after taking this step, we won’t really know if St. Patrick’s Day was a success or a potential turning point for another seven to ten days when there was potential infection occurred might be obvious, ”said Morgan.


  • The officers responded to a total of 48 complaints related to noise, parties or gatherings
  • A number of warnings have been issued regarding the Liquor License Act and legal violations
  • Two fees were levied under the Liquor License Act
  • 26 companies were inspected and found to be compliant with restrictions
  • Six people were treated for non-life threatening injuries.

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