Native meals help in London is delivering parcels to struggling households


Highams Park Food Aid was set up during the first coronavirus lockdown, supporting those in need in the community.

During the pandemic, the team delivered grocery packages throughout the area and has since set up a grocery center twice a week for people to drop by and pick up items.

“We just realized that so many people needed food,” explains Tracey Rogers of Highams Park Food Aid. “We wanted to give people their dignity back, so we run it almost like a business.

“People come to an appointment, have a cup of tea or coffee and meet with a social worker to see how we can help them improve their lives and get out of poverty.”

Tracey added: “We support a number of people. We have professionals who lost their jobs during Covid and don’t have enough money to pay for the food. Another homeless man who lives in his van – we give him a hot meal and food he can eat without having to cook.

“We support older people who have just come out of the hospital. There is a single mother who has cancer and is taking care of three children and we support her with as much fruit and vegetables as possible.

“People can take what they need with them and all the groceries are from FareShare. We work with our local Tesco store in Higham’s Park and the Community Champion and they have helped with a shopping trolley in the store for people to donate to.

“We ran a campaign around Christmas called ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ where we came up with 12 items to put in the Christmas basket.

“With the help of Tesco we asked people to buy and donate the food – things like a log, biscuits and very special Christmas items. We received 800 items in one weekend, it was wonderful and this helped us deliver over 100 Christmas baskets.”

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