New London councilors elect board members


A lengthy committee meeting of members of the new London City Council selected their candidates for numerous offices, boards and commissions.

Councilors and civic representatives have been chosen to serve on more than 35 committees – the selection will be finalized next week.

Some of the selections indicate that the council is seeking experienced individuals to continue in their current roles.

Susan Toth, a solicitor and recent Chair of the London Police Services Board, has been selected to be re-elected as a citizen for a further term.

If reappointed, she would remain in office until November 2026.

Joining her on the seven-member police council that will soon be tasked with hiring a new chief and deputy chief is Mayor Josh Morgan, two terms of Ward 8 Coun. Steve Lehman and the new Ward 4 Coun. Suzanne Stevenson.

Meanwhile, with rising cases of respiratory illness, some new political faces will appear around the Council’s horseshoe on the regional public health record.

District 11 district. Skylar Franke and Ward 3 Coun. Peter Cuddy has been selected by peers to serve on the two London Council seats on the Board of the Middlesex-London Health Unit.

To ensure some continuity, it was recommended that the vacant London citizenship on the regional health committee be filled by Matthew Reid, a lawyer and member of the most recent health committee.


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