New summer season poems on the London Underground / Overground


A new series of poems about the subway is currently appearing on subways and subways. The latest collection focuses on a number of themes related to summer, if not the typical British summer of a rainy barbecue.

Judith Chernaik, founder of Poems on the Underground, said: “Our new summer poems have been specially selected to reflect the new meaning of our closest relationships, art and memory, and nature at this time.”

The collection includes the poems “Her Glasses” by Pascale Petit, “In the Bright Sleeve of the Sky” by Ilya Kaminsky, “Consider the Grass Growing” by Patrick Kavanagh, a poem about Midsummer by Anyte of Tegea, translated by David Constantine, “Black Ink” by Fawzi Karim and “Remembering Summer” by WS Merwin.

Poems on the Underground is supported by Transport for London, Arts Council England and the British Council and was founded in 1986 to bring poetry to a mass audience.


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