New Tech Simplifies Search Engine Ranking for Small Businesses.

Rankbrain - Google

At Google, it has always been about ensuring their customers get the best answers to their search queries. To help Google achieve this the company has been collecting user behaviour data since 2007 and incorporated that data into their ranking algorithm.

Google is no longer considering the in-depth knowledge you have nor the hours of work creating your website, to help users get the most out of your service or product.

Now Google measures “user signals” as a means to gauge your website page’s relevance to a search term. That said the old SEO metrics like, backlinks and on-page optimisation are still used to temporarily place a page in the search result listings. However, if the user signals don’t corroborate the past placements then a page’s ranking will quickly descend from page 1 to lower pages in Google search results.

In effect, all websites now need to be optimised (on-page), have links from other websites and also have “user signals” to confirm that the site pages are relevant for a given search phrase.

Which User Signals are Important now?

Whilst Google continues to measure signals like Bounce rate, Time on Website and number of pages visited. Along came “RankBrain” which according to Jayson Demers

“RankBrain is an artificial intelligence system that’s being applied to and used with Google’s current search engine algorithms to provide better results to user queries”.

 With the advent of Google’s Rankbrain algorithm, there are now a number of new signals that are even more important.

7 Most Important User Search Signals 

  1. Searches on Mobile devices
  2. Proximity Search (Distance of searchers to a location)
  3. Searches from multiple platforms
  4. Navigational Searches (Searches for Deep Content on Internal Pages)
  5. Brand Searches (Searches for the Brand Name)
  6. Combined Keyword & Brand Searches
  7. Revised Searches prior to Click Through (Revised searches adding brand name)


Previously some companies were able to employ micro-workers to ‘improve’ the search signals like bounce rate and traffic but that won’t help.

If you consider other variables like type of device used, location, time of day and IP address that Google also has access to, you can see why this part of Google’s ranking algorithm is almost impossible to “improve”. Making this together with backlinks and on-page optimisation a very valuable third part of Google’s algorithm – for Google at least.

Sadly, for small & medium-size businesses, this will tilt the rankings in favour of the big Brand Names. That is until now.

So Is There a Solution To Help Local Business Owners?

In an interview with John MacDonald, owner of Mac Productions, a Digital Marketing and SEO agency in Crouch End, London he told me

“ This change in ranking on Google will definitely affect small to medium size businesses more than the large brand names. As most of our clients fall into that category, I collaborated on a system that has allowed me to be in control of those 7 search signals you mention.

After a year’s testing and getting great results, we have now rolled out this system as a service to help a number of small business owners. 

In effect, we are now able to supply all 3 parts (On-Page SEO, Links and Search Signals).

 I believe we are now one of just a handful of SEO agencies able to do so in UK, and it works wonders for local businesses”


So, by this stage, you may be asking where does the “tech” from the title come into this post. Well, John went on to explain that his “system” is automated and runs on almost any device connected to the internet. By using Apps, we are able to implement a system that can be set up fast and works automatically, day and night. We call it “Local SEO Booster

Apparently, it works so well that it comes with a guarantee.

Caveat – John will only take on new businesses after a website audit to confirm that their website is optimised. As he put it “I only sell this service to people who can benefit from it, and a poorly optimised website will not benefit, because you need all 3 parts to get ahead in search.”

Contact Information

John Mac Donald

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Address: 25 South View Road, London N8 7LU


Tel: 0795 700 3819

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