Nightmare condominium for a London couple with rain and rats roaming the backyard


Water leaked through the ceiling of one couple after Westminster City Council officials drilled holes in their roof while installing cables.

Pete Evans and his wife, Ruth Cowen, got drenched after 10 holes in their blanket showed up in Bayswater.

The damage is the latest nightmare in the attic apartment on Gloucester Terrace, which has also been plagued by rats.

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Pete said, “The water flowed like never before. It gushed in when it was raining heavily.

“They had people walking around on the roof. They just didn’t care. “

Pete Evans at his home on Gloucester Terrace in Westminster

The ceiling over Pete’s stairs collapsed which meant there was no space to put a bucket as it didn’t fit on the steps.

Instead, the 40-year-old resident had to try to clean up the mess with towels.

To make matters worse, rats were gnawing through the trash cans at the back of the property, causing some neighbors to be too scared to bring their trash out.

Pete believes hundreds of rats could climb into the property from a nearby railroad.

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However, the council that owns the property has not addressed the rat problem.

It’s gotten so bad now that the creatures have been eating into the bottom of plastic buckets.

Once Pete went into the garden to discover a half-eaten dead rat. The garden is also regularly covered with feces.

Housing, Westminster

Tiles in Pete Evans’ roof have been removed by city councilors

Pete said, “People were scared to go out. Dead rats lay in the yard.

“There are children who go out and play in the summer.”

A Westminster City Council spokesman said: “We are very sorry that this resident is having problems with his property.

“We are working closely with our contractors to fix the problem with the roof of the property as soon as possible.

“Our pest control team has completed the work to secure the areas at the back of the block and we will periodically survey the area to see what further action is needed to address this issue.”

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