North East London ICS indicators take care of Sufferers Know Finest


North East London Health and Care Partnership has signed a deal with Patients Know Best (PKB) to give its 2.2 million patients access to a Personal Health Record (PHR).

The deal means patients will have access to the PKB platform, which brings together patient data from healthcare and social care providers and the patient’s own data into a secure personal health record. Patients can log in to access everything from appointment letters and test results to their multidisciplinary treatment plans.

In anticipation of the launch, the Integrated Care System (ICS) has already enabled the integration of Patients Know Best (PKB) and the NHS app, a move that will ensure current and future users can access their personal health records via the NHS app can access.

Using PKB helps ensure local patients have a consistent approach to accessing and using services. It puts patients at the center of their data and helps support the move to encourage patients to interact with their records, services and caregivers.

Patients can already register for the PHR, with data flow being set up over the coming months as organizations confirm when they will start providing data to the platform. Currently, Pathfinder teams are focused on creating the blueprint for clinical transformation and delivery of services that can be scaled across the region.

Martin Wallis, Digital Program Manager for North East London Health and Care Partnership, said: “The personal health record gives patients responsibility for their own care and makes it easier for them to work collaboratively with those who care for them. The file contains information about one’s health and well-being and provides access to health apps and medical expertise. This new project with PKB will provide patients across North East London with a single, consistent service and we look forward to rolling it out over the coming months.”

In 2020, London became the first region to use the Health System Support Framework (HSSF) set up by NHS England to conduct a regional Personal Health Record (PHR) procurement, which was subsequently awarded to PKB. As an existing PKB customer, North West London was the first ICS to use the framework and North East London Health and Care Partnership became the second.

dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, CEO of PKB added: “London’s PHR is the largest in the world. North East London (NEL) residents already receive hundreds of thousands of test results from North West London (NWL) providers each month. Now NEL providers can share millions of test results with patients in NWL and the rest of the UK using PKB.”

Both Patients Know Best and North East London Health and Care Partnership will be attending Digital Health Rewired 2022.

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