North West London well being and care technique launched | information and occasions

North West London health and care strategy released |  news and events

North West London has now published a first draft of our North West London Health and Care Strategy. The strategy aims to establish plans for services across our eight boroughs.

We know:

  • that some areas and communities in north-west London are in poorer health than others.
  • that the conditions in which we are born, grow up, live, work and age can impact our health and well-being.
  • Waiting times and access to some services and specialists are too long and difficult to reach.
  • Some diseases, including cancer, are diagnosed too late.

North West London NHS has a plan in place but needs your opinion to implement it properly. This is an early draft being shared for comments and feedback for transparency. It takes into account the work of all our programs and is based on the feedback we have received from the public in various areas. This strategy is expected to change before we release a final draft later this summer. In particular, we continue to work with and across our local authorities who, along with feedback from local residents and health and care workers, will help shape the final design.

In addition to the draft strategy, we have published a summary document that gives an overview of our plans in each area. Please read and fill out our survey. Not only will you be helping to shape the future of health and care in North West London, but you could also win a £100 voucher!


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