One other finance supervisor has an accident whereas commuting to London

Another finance manager has an accident while commuting to London

The extremely competitive nature of finance goes hand in hand with that of fitness and sports. Biking has been a popular pastime for financial professionals (and now fintech workers) for years, but riding a bike during the London commute has consistently proved dangerous for financial professionals.

Giuseppe Amitrano, a former UBS director and current CEO of investment management firm Wieldmore, was involved in what he describes as a “horrific accident that happened a few days ago” involving a collision with a London taxi resulted in Amitrano’s bike being “slung”. [him] several meters backwards.

This comes in the same week that Matt Briers, CFO of fintech unicorn Wise, announced he was stepping down from his post to focus on recovery after “getting under the wheels of a bus” a year ago. may be.

Not everyone is lucky enough to survive. Jerome Roussel, a former trader at investment firm ADG, died in 2017 after being involved in a truck accident.

Accidents cannot always be avoided by observing the traffic rules. Amitrano says the taxi that hit him “didn’t realize it.” [a] Red light.” One of Roussel’s trade acquaintances (who witnessed the incident himself while cycling) said, “He wouldn’t jump traffic lights, he wasn’t a weaver.”

Amitrano says he avoided a direct collision with the taxi in his own accident by braking so hard that his front brakes snapped. However, he crashed “violently against the right side of the taxi” and was thrown several meters backwards. He was then initially completely paralyzed, which is not unusual under the circumstances, a paramedic said: “The feeling gradually came back, along with a torrent of pain that gripped every inch of my body.”

Cycling Intelligence reported 12 serious accidents involving bicycles in 2022, six of which resulted in death (five of which involved multiple victims). These accidents occurred after collisions with trucks and e-scooters.

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