Piers Morgan’s extraterrestrial entry to London’s dwelling leaves followers in awe


Last changed on 9/24/2021 4:41 PM BST

Rachel Avery

Former Good morning Great Britain star Piers Morgan has spent the past few months enjoying the beautiful surroundings of his beautiful homes and his London property just got a stunning addition in the form of a pod in the back garden!

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The TV presenter took to Instagram to reveal the addition of his garden and stated, “My new man cave. Good work @ the_p0dfather – I love it. #archipod. “

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Located just behind the humble London garden of Piers, the spherical building has a wood-tile facade and a cute round window.

Comments flooded Piers’ quirky outbuilding with a script, “Oh, I love this,” and another said, “This is great.”

A third stated, “I love this, it’s fabulous.”

Piers Morgan’s new man cave received a lot of attention online

Many asked to look inside, but eagle-eyed fans would have noticed that Piers tagged the Creator, who was already busy uploading pictures of the interior.

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The designer who referred to Piers as a VIP client, shared a few pics of the pod That shows that Piers has a built-in walnut desk and a series of shelves inside, making it the perfect home office.


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The door to the pod opens up, adding to the futuristic feel of the creation – think DeLorean (Back to The Future Car) vibes.

Piers’ other home in Newick may not have a space age cabin in the garden, but it’s out of this world either. The family is fortunate to have plenty of space with extensive lawns, and they also benefit from an idyllic outdoor pool which is perfect when British weather is prevalent.

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The journalist also has a £ 4.2million Hollywood home that he was unable to visit until recently due to the ongoing pandemic. Now that travel restrictions are being eased, Piers may consider taking a break in the US, but he must first tear himself away from his epic new man cave …

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