POPMART has simply opened its European flagship retailer in London

POPMART has just opened its European flagship store in London

Time to buy all the toys.

around china, POP MARKET has become a focal point when it comes to buying toys for young and old. They have made a name for themselves as an identifiable brand, working with a large number of artists to provide customers with that extra magic needed in a toy.

You’ll find them releasing models featuring Harry Potter, Hell0 Kitty, SpongeBob SquarePants, and many other instantly recognizable characters.

And now they’ve just opened their first store on the continent, and you’ll find it in London’s vibrant Chinatown area. The European flagship spot for it opened yesterday to the delight of toy collectors far and wide, and many flocked to celebrate.

The UK spokesperson for POP MART said: “So far, the most popular series include SKULLPANDA, DIMOO, GUCKY and HIRONO. The UK Store will officially launch on January 20thMay, while the POP MART launches its latest art toy product – SKULLPANDA Dark Maids and MEGA COLLECTION 1000% SPACE MOLLY x Meilin Cipher.”

Pop Mart has also had success in a number of other countries outside of China, including South Korea, Japanthe USA, Canada, Singapore and now Great Britain. It’s easy to see why they brought their brand to this shore after enjoying strong traction on social media. They even paid a visit in December 2020 and brought a pop-up store to London in Westfield Stratford.

Now they’re here to stay and you’ll find POP MART over at 80 Shaftesbury Avenue, W1D 6NF.