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The best things to do in London to have fun

September 26, 2022

With over 20 million visitors a year, London has become one of the most popular cities in Europe. And rightly so, since its history and culture have been of great public interest to the world. This city was founded by the Romantic period and has been thriving for centuries.

Today it is concretely considered one of the best cosmopolitan cities in the world. It is steeped in history, and the royal family discusses it in every article. Today, you can find London in almost every list of the best cities to visit in the world.

While the city of London in England is much talked about, it is the smallest city in the country. Below we have listed the best things to do in London:

Hyde park

It is one of the most famous parks in London. It is the largest and most unique of its kind. This park has historical significance. It has held several demonstrations in the past. Speaker’s Corner is a famous must-see spot. It also houses several small monuments.

Here you can go pedal boating and see various swans. You can get some fresh air in the middle of the city.


It is a well-known cultural district in north London. Very popular for its alternative culture, the crowd is packed with punks, goths and tourists. Camdon Market is electric and always buzzing with life. It easily attracts tourists.

Also, the varied street food is enough to enjoy and taste the life of this city. And lots of stalls over here selling jewelry and amazing works of art. So if you want souvenirs for your loved ones, you can get them in Camden.

Visit an entertainment complex

Are you a big gaming fan? If so, you’re sure to enjoy your time in a Vegas-inspired location. After all, England has always been a great place for everyone to have fun. While you might be a big fan of online slots in Australia, it’s probably more fun to visit an entertainment complex.

This will surely be an experience of a lifetime. Nowadays it is a bit difficult to visit London casinos as they are always crowded. They were closed during Covid-19 but operations have resumed. So now is a very good time to visit.

London Eye

If you visit London and don’t visit the London Eye, it will be very unfair. After all, the London Eye is one of the most talked about travel destinations around the world. The London Eye is the perfect highlight of the city. But you don’t have to worry about the ticket. The capsule is spacious enough for several people to participate.

You can easily share it with other visors. If you visit the London Eye, you will surely have a lot of fun exploring the city and taking great pictures for social media.

Cruise on the Thames

The Thames is often sung about as the lifeblood of London. It has brought various industries to the country for centuries. It has been a base for settlements since prehistoric times. For the Romans it was of great importance. And it’s still a rage to this day.

There are various companies in London that offer you cruises along the Thames. Cruises depart every 30 minutes as passenger numbers are at an all-time high. The cruises pass through key locations so visitors can be amazed.

baker street

One of the city’s cultural cornerstones is Baker Street. Today you can find the famous Sherlock Holmes Museum around the tube station. And Madame Tussauds is just around the corner. Pose with your favorite stars at this internationally popular statue museum.

After that, you can escape the crowds of Baker Street. You can even climb Primrose Hill for the most spectacular view of the city. We recommend visiting Baker Street off-peak so you can enjoy the experience.

Enjoy the food and clean up

Plus, you can enjoy London food! Try the classic English basket, a mix of eggs and black pudding. While you check out the online casino Australia with the best payouts, you can enjoy the classic English breakfast. Many people enjoy playing games on their phones during their pastime.

It’s a great way to relax and relieve stress. Since London has many places worth visiting, you need to be active for the trip.

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