Property Accomplice rebrands to London Home Trade following £2.4m funding


Property Partner, the UK’s leading partial property investment platform, is renamed the London House Exchange. The rebrand follows an additional £2.4m investment from Better, the leading US digital home ownership company.

With the rebranding, the London House Exchange (“LHX”) resumes its original legal name since its inception in 2014, and returns to the spotlight to be the world’s first and leading single property exchange.

LHX has £120m of fractional real estate assets under management and over 8,000 investors from over 80 countries. Since inception, property shares worth £55m have traded on the FCA regulated trading exchange, the only one of its kind for individual residential property.

The new brand gives the company a clearer and more recognizable identity that transcends borders.

“The London House Exchange name speaks directly to what we are already doing and reflects our plans for a truly international trading exchange,” said Warren Bath, CEO of London House Exchange. “Only on LHX can our clients from around the world instantly buy and sell shares in UK property, adding liquidity to an otherwise illiquid asset class today.

“Real estate is the largest asset class in the world, worth more than stocks, securities and bonds combined, and residential property accounts for about 75 percent of that. However, unlike these other asset classes, real estate transactions take months rather than seconds. Our mission is to successfully make real estate investments globally liquid and tradable,” said Michael Lamont, CEO of Better UK.

Market liquidity is the driving force behind a £2.4m direct investment program in London House Exchange through its parent company Better Holdco, Inc. (“Better”). Better is a leading digital homeownership company that has funded over £80.6 billion in mortgage loans, £3.7 billion in property transaction volume and $38 billion in underwritten insurance since inception.

Better is revolutionizing the home finance industry, helping thousands find an easier path to home ownership through its affordable and transparent platform. Better’s direct investment will increase LHX’s liquidity and promote efficient pricing and asset valuation across the platform.

“We acquired Property Partners in 2021 because of their unique platform that allows any property anywhere in the world to be fractionated, converted into shares and traded on an FCA regulated exchange, the only one of its kind in the world,” said Vishal Garg , CEO and Founder of Better.

“The company’s renaming as the London House Exchange embodies its purpose: the world’s first and leading retail property exchange. The purchase of real estate interests from Nottingham to New York is just the beginning and we are delighted to support the team with this additional investment.”

By Mark Adair – Correspondent, Bdaily

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