‘Revive Stay’ provides free live-stream concert events in assist of dwell music in London


MIDDLESEX CENTER, ONT. – Tourism London launches Revive Live, a new program to support live music and the venues where the pandemic is happening.

The aim of the program is to initiate the safe reopening of London music venues and public concerts.

Cory Crossman, music industry development officer at The City of London, said in a statement: “Before the pandemic, the live music industry in London grew steadily … The live music industry was and will be one of the hardest hit by the pandemic one of the last to recover. Revive Live will kickstart some of the local economy and help the live music sector on its way to recovery. “

In the first phase, before visitors can be safely reintroduced, the performances will be broadcast live from various London venues.

The events on Saturday evening start at 8 p.m. and include:

  • February 27 – Texas King with Sarina Haggarty from the London Music Hall

  • March 6 – Sum-01 & DJ Hullewud with healthcare partners from 765 Old East

  • March 13 – The Rizdales with musical guests from the Richmond Tavern

  • March 20 – Uptown affair with Delta Stone Duo from Eastside Bar & Grill

  • March 27th – Heart attack children with thunder queens from Palasad SocialBowl

Details on setting up the free live events can be found here.

Revive Live is a partnership that includes the London Music Office, City Center London, London Arts Council, London Economic Development Corporation, Old East Village BIA and Tourism London.

“Getting the entire live music sector working again is a priority,” added Crossman. “Music is the heartbeat of London’s cultural community and Revive Live is a commitment to bring back London’s musical ecology safely.”