Roe v. Wade: London abortion activist reacts


A local abortion and reproductive justice activist is devastated by Friday’s news that the US Supreme Court has ended the nation’s constitutional protections for abortion.

In an interview with CTV News London, Robyn Schwarz, who has a master’s degree in Canadian-American relations and is working on her doctorate in Canadian history at Western University, said she was not surprised by the decision, which has stood for nearly 50 years.

“This news means that some people are not going to have their abortion today, and it’s going to be really tough for them,” Schwartz said. “So that’s what I’m really concerned about with people who are pregnant in the United States, in places where abortion is attacked. And think of the experience and how hard that will be for her.”

Schwarz, who is also a co-founder of Pro-Choice Southwestern Ontario, says while abortion is legal here in Canada, it’s not always accessible and there are people this side of the border who are protesting the ending of abortion outside of our hospitals.

“We have people here who don’t have access to abortions when they need them, so we have to work to change that and make it a much safer, more accessible process for people in terms of what it looks like, if you can get an abortion and why is it so difficult in Canada and why are there so few nonprofit organizations to choose from?”

She added that there is not enough support and funding for this type of work in Canada.

“Often we’re local, the doulas, helping people come to London and get that support. I know there are a lot of people like me in the United States who were prepared, they’re going to do whatever they can,” Schwarz said

Schwarz is also a volunteer with Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights and says the organization does important work.

“Abortion is healthcare, it’s a human right, and the fact that the United States has chosen to go down that path should be something that human rights advocates from around the world should look at with horror today” , she concluded.