Sagittarius was caught on video surveillance attempting to shoot an evening owl exterior London’s Soho Membership



In one terrifying image, a shooter is caught on camera trying to shoot a night owl outside a nightclub in the West End.

Tristan Samuels was shot twice in the back while he and a friend who had been stabbed fled a fight that broke out in opium in Soho. The brawl had spread to crowded Rupert Street at 3 a.m. on August 25, 2019.

CCTV captured Richard Palmer, 39, who chases after the knife stab victim who collapses and pulls a Beretta pistol from his pocket as he gets closer.

A man was heard telling Mr Samuels in his twenties to run, Woolwich Crown Court heard yesterday.

As Palmer catches up, he fires two shots in the middle of the street that hit him twice. Palmer then ran to a silver jaguar parked nearby and drove away.


Mr Samuels took himself to a central London hospital where he suffered an injury to his internal organs, which was not critical. His friend was hospitalized for his wounds, but was also not in a life-threatening condition.

The Met’s Crime Command Specialist visited the crime scene and found two shell casings. They began reviewing CCTV and dashcam footage and speaking to witnesses.

Officials found the car parked in front of an address in Ruislip on August 26 with Palmer’s fingerprints on the back doors. Research revealed that the day after the shooting, Palmer met with Bolanle Roberts, 43, to get rid of the gun.

After a chase and fight, Roberts was arrested in Acton on August 27th.

A search found £ 48,132 in cash and £ 27,000 worth of heroin and crack cocaine. The officers also found keys to an apartment on Coleridge Drive, Ruislip, that was not Roberts’ home address.

A supply of firearms and ammunition was hidden in a rucksack in a ventilation cabinet in this property. In addition, around 95,000 pounds of heroin was discovered.

Among the firearms seized was the loaded Beretta that was used in the shootings, complete with cartridges and a silencer.

The court was told that Roberts was a “quartermaster” for those who needed access to weapons and ammunition and could produce them if needed. After learning of Robert’s arrest, Palmer hid in a Hanwell hotel with the assistance of Robert Dolan, 34.

Palmer, of Ealing, was sentenced to 15 years and six months after pleading guilty to attempted murder and gun crimes. Roberts of Ealing, received 15 years in prison for possession of firearms and delivery of Class A drugs. Dolan, of Hounslow, admitted helping a perpetrator conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and possession of criminal property. He was sentenced to twelve and a half years in prison.