Secret East London Backyard that was constructed on an previous London Underground line


London is known for its diverse cultural identity, a city full of vibrant landscapes and fast-paced lifestyles.

But did you know that one of the most idyllic places in nature is located on a railway line in the capital?

The Dalston Eastern Curve Garden is located in the London borough of Hackney and extends over a wide area of ​​tranquil countryside.

Because of its rich history, it is on the former railway line, The Eastern Curve, which opened in 1865 and was purposely built to connect Dalston Junction to Hackney.

Commissioned by Design for London in 2010, the garden offers residents a free haven and a year-round oasis of beautiful woods and plants.

The relatively young garden has become a vital home for residents living in one of the most heavily built-up areas in London.

Dalston Eastern Curve describes itself as “offering beautiful green spaces that anyone can enjoy year round in a built-up area that is lacking greenery and space”.

The garden, which was a community center during the closure, managed to “break down barriers in the community” in order to “fight social isolation and bring residents and neighbors together”.

You will find a selection of interesting activities on a trip to community paradise.

A beautiful wooden pavilion houses comfortable seating and a large relaxation area for mixing.

The Pineapple House is a conservatory style greenhouse that is used for workshops and keeps you cozy by the wood stove in winter.

For the food, the garden entrusts the Latto pizza team to take care of the wood-fired, juicy pizzas.

The café kiosk serves delicious refreshments, including a selection of hot drinks, cakes, homemade soup and bread.

Although the current protective measures mean that the garden café will be limited to the sale of takeaway tea and coffee until April 12th at the earliest.

The garden is perfect for sizzling temperatures and is also allowed to sell wines, spiced cider and freshly squeezed lemonade.

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Since 2012, Dalston Curve Garden has been a social enterprise, relying primarily on crowdfunding and the hard work of local volunteers to keep the area alive and its plants to bloom.

The company explains: “All of the proceeds from the café go to running the garden as well as to our year-round educational program and community events.

“A team of staff, supported by many hard-working volunteers, looks after the plants and people at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden.”

The Hackney spot has several signature offshoots in the garden, including evening acoustic sessions and the famous Dalston Pumpkin Lantern Festival, known for bringing locals together over mulled wine, pumpkins and paper lanterns.

As you head to this sweet spot, watch out for the entrance just across from Dalston Junction Station next to the Peace Mural on Dalston Lane.

Check them out during limited hours: Tuesday – Friday, 2pm – 6pm.