Seize An An Complete Lobster For A Tenner At This London Restaurant Immediately

Grab An An Entire Lobster For A Tenner At This London Restaurant Today

Image: Burger & Lobster

The words ‘cheap’ and ‘lobster’ don’t really go together. And that applies pretty much all the time in London, except for during this very moment.

Today (September 25) happens to be National Lobster Day. Like many other ‘days’, it’s hard to see what makes today shellfish-y as such, but when you can get an entire lobster for just a tenner.

Burger & Lobster rolls Image: Burger & Lobster

You’ll find the offer for one day only over at Burger & Lobster, where you’ll also be able to grab yourselves a portion of lobster rolls with lemon mayo and chives for £10. Portions of each choice also come alongside chips and their moreish lemon and garlic butter.

Each diner will save a sweet £28 on full lobsters and 20 quid on lobster rolls, which is sure to mark a swashbuckling start to the week on a late-September Monday.

Speaking ahead of National Lobster Day today, Misha Zelman, Founder and CEO at Burger & Lobster Restaurant Group says: “We’re not just celebrating lobsters, we’re celebrating the extraordinary collaboration between our dedicated suppliers, our cherished restaurant guests and our esteemed peers within the industry.

“To honour this partnership, we’re thrilled to give away £10 lobsters and lobster rolls to all our guests on National Lobster Day in London. It’s a small token of our appreciation for the unwavering support that fuels our passion for delivering the finest lobsters to your plate. I look forward to celebrating this Lobster Festival with as many of you as possible”

Lobsters for a tenner is a tough one to turn down, but you’ll need to make up your mind fast as it only lasts for one day. The offer is valid at all Burger & Lobster restaurants in London, and you can find your nearest and book your spot here, or place an order on Deliveroo, where a sea of bikes will be transporting cheap lobster dishes around London.