Silver & Co transforms the London backyard shed right into a multifunctional studio for artist {couples}


This studio features a sunken bed and folding ping pong table converted from an abandoned summer house for two artists in West London.

London-based studio Silver & Co renovated and refurbished the garden shed for a sculptor, painter and his child, creating a stand-alone studio that can also be used as a gallery or guest room.

Silver & Co.'s artist studio

Most of the building elements were in very poor condition, so the architects replaced them with a wooden and steel structure.

Dark zinc and modified wood clad the studio to complement the brick wall of the warehouse behind and offer longevity.

Silver & Co.'s artist studio

To provide the space with plenty of natural light, the architects added a large opening skylight and glazed sliding doors. These are located on the heated terrace at the front, which is designed for outdoor dining and is covered by a wooden roof with slats.

The wooden slats also form a balustrade around the outside area.

Silver & Co.'s artist studio

Inside, a range of adaptable wooden furniture hides various functions when not in use.

“The studio was designed to meet the needs of the sculptor and painter, including work, hobbies, play and storage,” the architects say. “With this in mind, the studio has to be as flexible, open and airy as possible.”

Part of the wooden floor is raised to reveal a sunken bed underneath, while double doors on the rear wall open and fold down to reveal a ping pong table – another of the residents’ hobbies.

Silver & Co.'s artist studio

In the main work area on one side of the room, a long and thin desk collapses under a narrow window in the side wall.

Silver & Co.'s artist studio

Opposite, birch plywood doors slide to cover the artist’s washbasin on one side and the adjoining shower room on the other. When the doors are opened, there is also a small kitchenette behind it.

Silver & Co.'s artist studio

Additional shelves run up and down the rear wall to create storage space for art materials. Below the top level is a rail that guests can use to hang clothes.

Silver & Co.'s artist studio

The spread of garden studios is increasing as property prices rise, with London being one of the hotspots for this typology.

Other projects in the capital include a cork-clad studio that offers a shared workspace for a musician and a seamstress, as well as a glowing shed that is intended as a writing retreat for an author.

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The photography is by Jason Taylor.

Project credits:
Interior designers: Silver & Co.
Building contractor: architectural styles