Stephen Turner won’t search a 3rd time period, helps Skylar Franke in London, Ontario. Station 11 race – London


District 11 district. Stephen Turner became the youngest member of London, Ontario City Council on Thursday to announce they will not seek re-election in the upcoming municipal race.

Turner, who has represented the community since 2014, plans to withdraw from the fall election and instead support Skylar Franke, one of two candidates currently running in the community.

The move leaves another council seat wide open until the October elections. At least four other council members, including Mayor Ed Holder, are not seeking re-election — one is running for mayor — while at least three have yet to submit nomination papers.

“It has been my honor to serve the residents of Station 11 for the past eight years and it has been a great job and I’ve really enjoyed the work. I’ve enjoyed helping to advance the issues that really matter to our community,” Turner told Global News.

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Turner said he observed who would be a good successor and found that Franke, who runs the London Environmental Network, “had it all in abundance”.

“She was very organized, she shares a lot of the same ideals and principles as me, and I think she’s incredibly connected to the community and I think she’s going to do an excellent job,” he said.

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Franke has been Managing Director of the London Environmental Network since 2017 and was previously involved with ReForest London. Until last month, she was also president of the Urban League of London, a position Turner held from 2006 to 2010.

“Her commitment to the environment and in particular to our climate change statement is really well supported by her position as director of the London Environmental Network,” said Turner.

“She has a great understanding of local politics and politics. … I think she’s shown she’s ready for the position.”

Franke is one of two candidates currently registered for Ward 11. As of Thursday, her only challenger is Jeremy McCall, president of the non-profit group Dad Club London.

Speaking to Global News, Franke said Turner’s overwhelming support was greatly appreciated, adding that “he leaves very big shoes to fill, but I hope over the next four months I can show that I’m ready to follow them.” to fill.”

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“I’m running in this election because I think the Council needs strong leadership to help us with some of our biggest affordability issues, housing, over the next few years. We’ve seen a much higher need for social services in the community, we see a greater need for climate action,” Franke said.

Turner, she noted, was known at the Horseshoe for his considered approach to council business — “‘read the reports,’ as Joni Baechler would say.”

“I think his endorsement of my candidacy shows that maybe he thinks I’ll bring some of those values ​​and skills to the role, too,” she said.

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Another local election, another new mayor for London, Ontario.

One of the things Turner is proud of during his two terms is that the council has made affordable housing units in new builds a routine part of the planning process.

“This was a major policy change and I hope that the council will be able to find a way to maintain this after the bonus provisions in the planning law were scrapped by the provincial government,” he said.

“As much as we disagreed on a lot, the only thing we had in common was a really deep commitment to housing and improving the quality of life for Londoners.”

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One of the council’s disappointments was the “dilution of rapid transit,” he said. However, he notes that he is happy that at least three of the five components are progressing.

“I hope there will be opportunities to expand the network in the future. I think it’s important. It is the backbone of development in the city.”

Turner spent most of his time on the Council of the Middlesex-London Health Unit as Director for Environmental Health and Infectious Diseases.

In August, he assumed the role of paramedic chief at Lambton County EMS. Before joining the council in 2014, Turner worked for years as a paramedic with Middlesex-London EMS and the OPP.

Voters go to the polls on October 24th.

Candidates have until 2:00 p.m. on August 19 to submit their nomination documents.

London Council incumbents running for office this autumn:

  • Shawn Lewis (Station 2)
  • Mariam Hamou (Station 6)
  • Steve Lehman (Station 8)
  • Anna Hopkins (Station 9)
  • Elizabeth Peloza (Station 12)
  • John Fyfe Millar (Station 13)
  • Steven Hillier (Station 14)

London Council incumbents not standing for re-election:

  • London Mayor Ed Holder
  • Mo Salih (Station 3)
  • Jesse Helmer (Station 4)
  • Josh Morgan (Station 7)*
  • Stephen Turner (Station 11)

* Mayoral Candidate

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London Council incumbents who have not yet filed papers:

Stations without candidates or only with a registered candidate:

  • Ward 2 (Shawn Lewis)
  • Station 4 (Tariq Khan)
  • Ward 7 (Corrine Rahman)
  • Station 8 (Steve Lehman)
  • station 10
  • Station 12 (Elizbeth Peloza)
  • Station 14 (Steve Hillier)

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