Store London: One of the best foods and drinks from manufacturers within the ES marketing campaign



Ondon is a lot for many people, not least a paradise for gourmets. From bustling borough and Camden food stalls to the delicacies of Exmouth Market, delicious bites are everywhere just begging to be enjoyed.

Beyond the markets, there are delis, grocery stores, and liquor stores that sell rare finds to add flavor and zest for life to your kitchen cabinets.

But the pandemic has hit these companies especially hard, so it’s time to show them support and shop London in December.

As part of the Evening Standard Small Business Support campaign, we selected lippy products from our participating grocery and beverage stores to inspire you to buy.

From interesting new whiskeys to snacks from the other side of the world – here is the cream of our Shop London Gourmet Harvest.


Toast Artisan selection box

Artisan Brindisa is all about bringing Iberian flavors to hungry Londoners. They have a branch in Borough Market that sells all kinds of Mediterranean dishes from cheese to charcuterie. You can also get one of their barriers – like this Artisan Selection Box – which features a selection of their best foods. Think hand-carved jamon, manchego wedges, colorful ortiz cans, and whole piquillo peppers, and much more. A perfect gift for best friends.

(( toast )

Howdah Bombay Mix

These snacks should come with a warning: they’re devilishly delicious. Howdah, a small family run brand, brings the warmth, taste and excitement of modern India in the form of delicious snacks. There are four varieties to choose from; Bakarwadi Bites – gently spiced and curious, Onion Bhaji – crispy and full of flavor, Masala Dippers – excellent with guac and probably the most famous of the whole group, Bombay Mix. Addictive doesn’t even begin to cover it up.

They also have a lot of heart: for every pack they sell, they donate a warm lunch to a child in need through the Akshaya Patra Foundation, a charity also supported by Dishoom.

(( litter )

Single Variety Fireflame Chilli Jam 220g

There’s a world of fine dining to discover at Guzzl, an online supermarket that sells products proudly made in Brixton, from lip-tasting spices to locally distilled gin. We love chili sauce, but chili jam has a special place in our hearts. The main reason for this is because it’s just so delicious and versatile: use it in french fries, with french fries, or just generously on hot slices of bacon in your brunch buttie.

(( Fire Flame Chili )

Brixton Gin

Delicious gin in small quantities to celebrate and support the vibrant Brixton community. This spirit is made from juicy plant substances together with raw honey from Brixton Bees. Combine it with a simple tonic to optimally enhance the flavors.

For the lockdown weary, there’s also a package available that includes a bottle of gin plus four bottles of Bermondsey Tonic, two gin mugs and a fun card game to play with your bladder at £ 54.95.

(( Brixton Gin )

DIY Shoryu Kit – Shoryu Piri Piri Tonkotsu Ramen, 500 g

Get your culinary skills going and conjure up this delicious ramen dish in just 10 minutes. With everything you need to make authentic-tasting shoryu at home, there’s enough here to make two servings.

(( Japan Center )

London coffee espresso

If you don’t want to get up and go, swap it out at London Grade Coffee’s espresso. It’s so rich in caramel and chocolate notes that you run out of bed in the morning. Get it by subscription and never worry about running out of it again.

(( London quality coffee )

Bollinger Special Cuvee -1.5L

From the school of thought that “double the size is twice as much fun”, this XL bottle of sparkling wine with your Christmas bubble is sure to be a treat. The Magnum Company also has oversized bottles of wine, sparkling wine, and spirits on their virtual shelves, but we like Bolly’s idea best. As they say themselves, “when you arrive with a magnum in your hands, you’re sure to be popular with any host.” Chin chin!

(( Bollinger )

Brixton Wine Club juice box monthly

This aspiring wine merchant we can leave behind delivers wine in a can right to your doorstep. The club is no longer the only festival reserve, but offers high-quality, award-winning and delicious wines, which you can receive as a monthly subscription or as a one-off – perfect for a special occasion or a juicy gift.

Choose from five different boxes, each with six cans of red, white, rose, soda or a fun combination.

(( Brixton Wine Club )

Oranj 2 bottles + poster

Oranj is a special kind of wine club, working with the best sommeliers in London to curate monthly boxes of natural wines packaged with a specially commissioned piece of art. They even recorded a DJ set that you can listen to while drinking – they really thought of everything!

(( orange )

Cocoa bottle

When the weather is terrible outside, there’s nothing like staring at it with a cup of something warm and tasty in your hands. This loose-leaf tea is a profitable change from your usual cup and perfect for the season, as the mix of chai and cocoa is sweet and tangy. Sweeten with honey for extra pampering.

(( Tea at the moment )

Glenfiddich IPA

If you are just immersed in the world of whiskey, head to Milroy’s of Soho, one of the capital’s most famous liquor stores. It has been around since 1964 and was instrumental in introducing Scottish single malts to the UK. It gets delivered to everyone – including Downing Street – and now it’s your turn. Buy Scottish whiskey, American bourbon, and varieties from around the world.

While there are expensive specialty bottles, there are also bottles with more pleasant price tags. Try the experimental Glenfiddich IPA, a single malt processed in beer kegs, to try something different.

(( Glenfiddich )