Stowaway, who landed within the London Backyard, has been recognized as a Kenyan airport employee


A The Kenyan airport cleaner was identified as a stowaway who fell into a garden in south London from a flight to Heathrow.

The man was believed to be trapped in the landing gear of a Kenya Airways flight when he fell off the plane and landed just yards from a sunbather in Clapham on June 30.

Scotland Yard has launched an appeal to find the man, including an e-fit and details about the items he was wearing, which has resulted in his being identified by family and friends in Kenya.

An investigation by Sky News found that the victim was likely Paul Manyasi, a low-cost cleaner who worked at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

His girlfriend told the broadcaster that she last saw him on the morning of June 30th when they were both working together at the airport.

She said, “I called his phone and it was turned off. When we got there in the morning the next day, the supervisor called us and told us someone was missing.”