Sturdy Thanksgiving meals marketing campaign shatters London Meals Financial institution’s expectations


London Food Bank officials express their gratitude to Londoners for the success of their annual Thanksgiving food drive.

They say this year’s campaign raised a total of 117,496 pounds of food over 10 days. That’s nearly 50 percent more than the 2021 food campaign figure of 79,021. Overall, £76,652 of this year’s total came from actual food donations, and the other £39,204 came from cash donations of $125,846.

Co-director Glen Pearson said at the start of the 10-day campaign that he was prepared to see a drop in donations this year due to inflation and high food costs. This year, that prediction fell through.

“[Londoners] said no, our fellow citizens matter. When they’re going through a hard time, they go through it even harder. So we’re going to find ways to respond to that,” Pearson said.

Pearson believes a driving force behind this year’s success came from volunteers returning to grocery stores. He explained donations typically double when volunteers are present in stores.

On the other hand, this year’s donations turned out to be even bigger than the pre-pandemic effort. While volunteers made a significant difference, the public came together in remarkable ways.

“They know things are tough across the country, but their own citizens matter. I feel kind of overshadowed by it,” Pearson added.

This year’s additional donations will allow the food bank to keep up with increasing demand, which has reached record levels with around 20,000 Londoners accessing the food bank’s services monthly.

Additional donations also mean more support for organizations that help and work with the London Food Bank.

“I think the psychological impact of the ride will linger long after the food is gone,” Pearson said. “I think people will realize that London has popped up in a big way.”