The 17 greatest fish and chips in London to eat in or take away

The 17 best fish and chips in London to eat in or take away

Fish and chips is the street food par excellence in London. It originated with the fried fish sold by Sephardic Jews in the 17th century, before being refined over the centuries into the golden, battered, crispy treat we know and love today. Traditionally it was cod, which used to be as cheap as chips. But these days, dwindling fish supplies mean London’s fryers are getting creative: halibut, hake, squid and more can be found on many chip shop menus.

When done well, fish and chips are a lumbering godsend, ready to be drenched in salt and vinegar and dunked in a delicious pot of mushy peas. If it’s bad, it’s just a batch of beige. So let’s take out the element of risk. Here are the best places to fry in London.

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