The 2-bed London home is as slender as getting into a ship that’s on the market for £ 775,000


Appearances can be deceiving, and that seems to be the case with this London property, whose narrow exterior offers a hidden surprise inside.

At first glance, the tall property, which is not even the width of a London bus on Queen’s Road between Mortlake and Barnes stations, seems to be overshadowed by its neighbors.

It doesn’t seem like much for your buck in the £ 775k market. But its quirky charm reveals a clever Tardis-style layout that leads to a much larger space with rooms extending straight to the back.

The two bedroom house uses all of the available space and is surprisingly light and spacious. The habitable spaces benefit from skillful use of their dimensions.

The narrowest part is only 2.23m, but the expansion and revision means that some areas are wider. The kitchen and dining room are 3.06 m and there is also a basement room.

David McKenna of real estate agent Sceon + Berne told the Evening Standard: “It’s like getting into a boat when you open the front door.

“You go up a few flights of stairs into this cool, open kitchen and there is line of sight through it [and down] in the back garden.

“It won’t be for everyone, of course. But it’s something different, especially for the area it’s in.”

The listing describes the property as “cool” and unique with charm and character.

“There is a private front door with stairs directly to an elevated kitchen / breakfast room with dining area, storage room and unobstructed views through the rear reception area with stairs that lead down to this lounge.”

This wonderful home has a light and airy living area on two levels, an unusually large landscaped garden and a desirable location.

Further equipment features are an exposed brick wall and a double-glazed sliding window lounge. It’s a versatile space with a high-level bookcase accessed via a library ladder on wheels.

The optical illusion continues with a beautiful garden that is much wider than the interiors and is landscaped with seating areas and a covered “natural” pergola.

Located in the heart of the Royals area of ​​SW14, the property has excellent access to Mortlake Station, local shops and amenities, and the borders of Richmond Park and the River Thames.