The award for London’s least hygienic district goes to …


Waltham Forest is the most unsanitary part of London to eat in, according to a new study reported to City AM this afternoon.

The area tops the list as London’s Least Hygienic District for Food, with 13.2 percent of its businesses getting a rating of 2, meaning improvement is needed, while 1 means more improvement is needed, or 0, which means there is an urgent need for improvement.

The district had the highest number of businesses that received the lowest rating, with 69 receiving 0 points.

Newham and Ealing

Newham is the second most hygienic part of London when it comes to food. 11.8 percent of companies need at least some improvement in the handling and preparation of food.

The third largest borough in London is Ealing, where 10.8 percent of businesses received a rating of 2 or less from the Food Standards Agency.

The districts topped the list after professional kitchen supplier Maxima Kitchen Equipment analyzed thousands of food hygiene ratings from the Food Standards Agency.

The study included more than 62,000 businesses in 32 boroughs of London where people can eat out or shop, including restaurants, pubs, cafes, takeaways, vans, canteens and supermarkets.

Kensington & Chelsea and the cleanest city

Kensington and Chelsea are considered to be the cleanest districts for groceries. 82.2 percent of the companies receive the highest possible rating of 5, which means that the hygiene standards are very good.

Only 15 companies in the district had a rating of 2 or less, meaning only 0.93% of them needed improvement.

The City of London ranked behind Kensington and Chelsea with the second highest percentage out of 5 ratings, with 81.5 percent of the city’s food businesses receiving the highest score.

Decimo King's Cross

The third cleanest borough is Greenwich, where just over three-quarters of businesses (76 percent) have a rating of 5.

Overall, more than six in ten of the London food companies included in the study – 38,517 out of 62,079 – received the highest food hygiene rating of 5.

Islington is the only district in the study where less than half of food businesses get the highest rating, at 46.8 percent.

London’s top ten most hygienic food districts

Hygiene level London borough Total number of grocery stores with a rating The percentage of food businesses with a food hygiene rating of 2 or lower
1 Waltham Forest 1,739 13.28
2 Newham 2.113 11.88
3 meal 2,321 10.86
4th Enfield 1,636 9.47
5 Islington 1,757 8.94
6th Lambeth 2,259 8.90
7th Camden 3,064 8.84
8th Hounslow 1,568 7.53
9 Westminster 4,197 7.27
10 Hackney 2,282 6.49

London’s top ten most hygienic food districts

Hygiene level London borough Total number of food businesses with a rating Percentage of food establishments with a food hygiene rating of 5
1 Kensington and Chelsea 1,610 82.29
2 City of London Corporation 1,646 81.53
3 Greenwich 1,855 76.06
4th Hammersmith and Fulham 1,751 70.87
5 Haringey 1,865 70.67
6th Redbridge 1,680 70.05
7th Bromley 1,835 69.15
8th Merton 1,294 69.08
9 Bexley 1,408 68.82
10 Kingston-upon-Thames 1,213 68.50