The beautiful backyard 60 minutes from London which is “probably the greatest gardens on this planet”


It is one of the UK’s most popular and most visited attractions, drawing an estimated one million visitors each year.

RHS Garden Wisley has 240 acres of stunning gardens and lush greenery and is a must see this summer.

The garden is spacious and includes a greenhouse with three climate zones, a study room and a growing laboratory.

It is a center of garden inspiration where you can take a trip around the world in plants.

Dubbed “One of the Greatest Gardens in the World” on the RHS Garden Wisley website, the garden is located in Surrey and is one of five gardens operated by the RHS.

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Newly opened RHS Wisley Hilltop in RHS Wisley Gardens

In fact, RHS Garden Wisley is not just a plant and conservation museum, the gardening program is constantly being updated, rated, and modernized with new types of stunning flowers and plants by its 75 gardeners, 25 students, four apprentices, and 100 volunteers.

This means that RHS Garden Wisley has a lot to offer and visitors always have the opportunity to discover something new and exciting.

In particular, the garden’s breathtaking Glasshouse Borders and Mixed Borders are a must this summer. You can enjoy the beautiful view downstairs in the greenhouse while surrounded by an array of the most beautiful plants and flowers in the world.

The Glasshouse borders are just perfect for a postcard as they are in a setting between the scenic mountain and the lush landscape. The Glasshouse is more than 150 meters long and offers a really impressive view of Wisley.

RHS Garden Wisley has 240 acres of stunning gardens

As you traverse the hundreds of plants that the garden offers, such as the navy blue African violets wrapped in velvety leaves, or the pretty pink and very glamorous camellia flowers, you can admire, touch and understand the diversity of the flow of plants, modern yet traditional.

It’s a horticultural approach that many are unfamiliar with; However, RHS Garden has its own unique philosophy of updating its gardens through the creative resources of its staff, students, trainees and volunteers.

That said, when you visit RHS Garden Wisley you can learn how to grow your own plants by researching about each genus and finding the best options for growing it in your own garden!

It is a center of garden inspiration where you can take a trip around the world in plants

There’s more; The gardens also have their annual flower shows, such as RHS Garden’s Hyde Hall Flower Show, which features a dazzling display of the property’s finest floral decorations. Visitors can enjoy the show while enjoying delicious food.

In fact, the gardens have their own restaurants. Visitors can enjoy a delicious meal at The Terrace Restaurant with a varied menu.

The facility also has a shop that offers a combination of gardening-themed books that is perfect for even the newest beginners who may be interested in growing their own plants.

RHS Garden Wisley is located at Wisley Lane, Wisley, Woking, GU23 6QB.

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