The Central London Alliance is looking for presidency funding to help London’s leisure and hospitality industries


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The Central London Alliance, a group of London businesses including art galleries, music venues, theaters, cinemas and educational institutions, is calling on the government to provide financial support to the sector following the announcement of the Tier 3 lockdown on London.

With Tier 3 restrictions in place, London’s cinemas, concert halls, theaters, museums and galleries and other leisure facilities will have to close their doors tomorrow.

The impact of the shutdown will further disrupt the art scene, which struggled financially after months of disruptions and lockdowns in 2020.

The government’s announcement of the new Tier 3 restrictions is a blow to the entertainment companies, retailers and art venues that serve Londoners and visitors all year round. With the immediate closure of this important economic hub, some businesses may not survive when they are most in need of revenue during the busy Christmas season.

Tony Matharu, Director of the Central London Alliance, told the Film Industry Network: “It is important to emphasize that the most affected sectors in Central London have been endangered through no fault of their own. Despite significant efforts to provide secure environments, they have traditionally been rewarded with changed, inconsistent, and incoherent policies and disorganized thinking that created uncertainty and made it impossible to plan ahead. The thresholds, reasons, and processes for moving levels up and down and treating boundaries differently remain unclear and misunderstood. “

With increasing uncertainty for businesses, it has become increasingly difficult for venues to plan their events, and as efforts have already been made to create a safe work environment, the new restrictions come at the worst time for the arts.

The Central London Alliance called on Sadiq Khan to intervene and provide emergency aid to the affected companies. Commenting on the impending financial impact on the sector, Matharu said, “Central London now expects strong leadership, prompt and effective support and a clear strategy from the government and the Mayor’s Office to make London the resurgent capital that the whole country needs . ”

While the entertainment industry continues to grapple with the pandemic, the economic impact has been far-reaching, with no end to local restrictions in sight – resulting in uncertainty and a loss of business confidence.

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