The Chief of Police Headquarters is leaving London, Ontario for the USA this fall


The chairman of the London Police Services Board will be leaving southwestern Ontario this fall to work in the United States

Dr. Javeed Sukhera, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at the London Health Sciences Center, joined the civilian board in 2018 and was named chairman in 2020.

Sukhera announced on social media Thursday that he was moving to Connecticut to serve as the Chair of Psychiatry at Hartford Hospital.

“It’s not so much a decision to leave a place,” Sukhera told CBC News. “This was more as an opportunity to move forward, move and grow to another place and contribute to another community.”

Sukhera will continue to serve as chairman of the board until he moves.

His work included sexual assault investigations and policy revision.

He was chairman during the coronavirus pandemic as well as during the public outcry to turn police funding into community support programs.

“It is an opportunity to work even harder and do more on anti-racism issues, particularly racism against blacks and indigenous peoples, as well as issues related to mental health and the growing demand for police support in this regard because of the underfunding of mental health in our community, “said Sukhera.

Look for replacements

Susan Toth, vice chairwoman of the board, said she will determine who will step into Sukhera’s role.

She said Sukhera’s leadership left a lasting mark on London.

“I think we really need to understand the profound implications of having a diverse voice able to be heard,” she said.

“His background as a psychiatrist has been incredibly helpful; not just in police headquarters, but I know he’s someone who always tells the truth to power. It’s just a privilege that I was able to monitor him the last few years he did that. ”