The coed conferences in East London are enjoying music to ease the lockdown


A still from Kalila Noa’s upcoming meeting at home
Image: ELAM School

Musicians around the world continued to create and publish music online to keep audiences entertained during the lockdown. Students at the East London Art and Music School ELAM in Bromley-by-Bow are no exception.

To overcome the physical limitations created by the lockdown, the students at ELAM released their latest music series in “MSG Sphere Sessions”. They had recorded some of these sessions at their school before the lockdown and continued to film and produce their music videos in their respective homes during the lockdown.

One of the students, Kalila Noa, 18, from Walthamstow, said: “My biggest driving force behind this lockdown is my upcoming EP ‘BURNT’, which has been in the works for about half a year. Knowing that I’ll have a release project in the end, I can stay positive. “Noa’s performance of the song ‘Shy’, recorded at her home, will be released on July 3rd.

The first of these sessions – a performance of “It Was Always You” performed and composed by students Nia Smith, Rowan Hallett, Ethan Holt, Sam Clarke, Ezra Nathanson Parry, and Louis Andros – went online in May.

The following two sessions were a performance of ‘Heartless’ composed and performed by Tyrese Ryan, Soma Taylor Patel and Lakwon Ffrench, and ‘Love and Affection’ composed and performed by Kyra Paige West, Stephanie Kamau, Isaac Onyeka and Connor O’Sullivan, Emmanuel Silvera Mitchell and Jeremy Koranteng were performed.

Further MSG Sphere sessions are planned for June 19th, July 3rd and 17th.

Eliza Mai from Liverpool, who is studying a music course at ELAM, will release her performance of the song ‘Sugar Coated’, which she wrote herself, on June 19th.

May, 17, said, “With my music, the message I want to send to my supporters is all about women’s empowerment and independence as I think this is a really important topic to be about is not spoken. “

Mik Nelson, Headmaster of ELAM School, said: “The trainees quickly and professionally adjusted how they perform and produce their music during this suspension period, as well as how they adjust their branding, marketing and identity as an artist.”

“The MSG Sphere sessions gave our trainees an incredible opportunity to unleash their imaginations and find new, exciting ways to share their music and express their art at a time when the world desperately needs creative outlets,” added Nelson.

The ELAM school works closely with Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp. (MSG Entertainment) to provide them with the financial support needed to produce the MSG Sphere Sessions.

Jayne McGivern, MSG Enterprise Executive Vice President of Design and Engineering, said, “MSG Sphere Sessions shows the talented trainees at ELAM and we are excited to help them share their music.”

“MSG Entertainment has always supported emerging talent and we are proud to be part of the future of music in East London,” added McGivern.

Highlighting the help from MSG Enterprise, Nelson said, “MSG Entertainment’s support through the MSG Sphere Sessions has really raised the professional standards of our trainees and will help shape the future of live music in London.”