The Crown’s Emma Corrin requires saving the ‘integral’ London pageant

The Crown’s Emma Corrin calls for saving the ‘integral’ London festival

Tuesday, February 28, 2023 6:06 am

City AM is running a campaign to save the Vault Festival after the landlords announced they were scrapping the festival to give priority to commercial work. Help save this important London festival by donating to the Save Vault page. Read more about the festival here and read our interview with the Bridgerton cast of Bridgerton here, in which they called for saving the London event

London risks losing a jewel in its cultural crown if the Vault Festival doesn’t find an alternative venue, Emma Corrin, star of Netflix’s The Crown and Lady Chatterley’s Lover, told City AM

Our newspaper is campaigning to save the Vault Festival, the second largest Fringe festival in the UK after the Edinburgh Fringe, which has been evicted from its venue by lessors who prefer more commercial work.

Emma Corrin, the British A-list actress who recently starred alongside Harry Styles and as Diana in The Crown, told City AM: “It’s incredibly important.

“Many new works are created here, where many new voices can be heard. I think that’s an essential part of keeping the fabric of theater alive.”

Emma Corrin played Princess Diana in Season 4 of The Crown (Picture: Netflix)

The arts sector generates £23 billion annually and strengthens the economy by providing over 360,000 jobs. Having welcomed nearly half a million visitors since it opened in 2012, the Vault Festival is one of the capital’s best places for new actors to hone their craft and for writers and directors to experiment with directing new works.

Corrin follows Bridgerton stars Jonathan Bailey and Nicola Coughlan, who also put their names behind our campaign. Coughlan said the closure of the Vault Festival “would be a devastating loss”.

Many will be heartbroken

Bessie Carter at the Vault Festival loses his license

“I remember going to Vaults to meet people I really admired and who are now doing such amazing things like Jack Rooke, Camilla Whitehill, it’s such a breeding ground for talent and an opportunity for people to Trying things and growing and developing their voices,” Coughlan added.

The Bridgerton cast have also spoken to City AM to help save the festival, including Nicola Coughlan, above (Picture: Netflix)

Bridgerton leading man Jonathan Bailey said the festival “must be protected at all costs”. He added, “There is no doubt that it is one of the few breeding grounds for the next generation of theater makers.”

Queen Charlotte actress Golda Rosheuvel reiterated her concerns, calling the news “a very, very sad day”. “All those memories came up,” she said. Adjoa Andoh, actor of Lady Danbury added: “We are closing these places at your own risk.”

Bessie Carter, who plays Prudence Featherington, took a pragmatic approach, saying she believes “we can solve this together.” Carter encourages Londoners to “make enough noise and attract funds and support from people who can afford it” to ensure the festival “maintains its central location”.

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The Vault Festival, London’s version of Edinburgh Fringe, is in dire need of our help

“Many will be heartbroken,” she added, speaking of the possibility that the festival won’t find a suitable replacement venue for next year.

Funding two-thirds of the cost of running a show from box office receipts, the Vault Festival provides a vital platform for actors, writers and directors to stage professional productions cost-effectively.

Emma Corrin’s career has demonstrated the importance of the Vault Festival to the arts. In 2021, Corrin headlined the West End cast of Anna X, a play about fake Russian heiress Anna Sorokin, but the play actually premiered at the 2019 Vault Festival.

The festival takes place in a unique space below Waterloo Station which benefits from its central location, just a few minutes’ walk from South Bank attractions such as the National Theater and the Southbank Centre. Discussing the loss of the Vault Festival venue, Time Out said it was “hard to imagine” that another venue in central London could offer the same advantages in terms of space and location.

Following news that the festival’s landlords were evicting them, festival co-founder Andy George said: “It’s become very clear that the creative industries need the Vault Festival to thrive and the artists we champion need that Vault Festival as a springboard for their careers.

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Exclusive: Bridgerton seizes rally to save major London arts event from closure

“This devastating blow comes after three of the toughest and toughest years of the festival’s life; but we are determined to make sure this is not the end. We can only survive if we have support, and I am asking for your help. Help us make this the end of a chapter, not the end of the Vault Festival. Help us save Vault.”

Find out more about the festival, book tickets and support at

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