The final supermoon of the 12 months will soar over London tonight


If you look out of the window or on your doorstep to London tonight, you could be presented with a shiny face looking straight at you. Tonight is a full moon and not an old full moon, but the last supermoon of the year.

What is a supermoon when he’s home? They occur when a full moon is closest to Earth, which means it looks even bigger and brighter than usual. Supermoons appear largest when they are closest to the horizon, that is, when they rise and fall.

This particular full moon is known as the “Flower Moon” because it occurs in May, a month when the land is in full bloom. Other names for the moon in May are the “corn plant moon” and the “milk moon”.

The natural occurrence should be visible in the sky this evening (Thursday, May 7th) from 8.44 p.m. So go to your window, balcony, or garden at 8 p.m. to clap for our supervisors, and use the time immediately after to set up a perch with a view of the stars for the great entrance of the moon.

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