The London-based finance agency is lubricating wheels for the Yorkshire engineering agency to go international with giant investments


A London finance firm has announced its investment in a Yorkshire design and engineering company.

Elysian Capital today confirmed that it has made a “substantial investment” in Sheffield’s SCX special projects, meaning it now has a controlling interest in the company.

SCX has designed kinetic architecture projects for a number of uses including a second retractable roof at Wimbledon over the number one square and the retractable partition in the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

Simon Eastwood, who is stepping down as chairman of SCX Special Projects to focus on his other business interests, said, “I realized a few years ago with the growth of very well-known projects that the company had an incredible future.

“The company’s commitment to the completion of these projects has opened many new doors, not least from overseas.

“To have worked with Andy Whitworth [SCX CEO] Since 1992, and as the business evolves, it has become increasingly clear that we needed to bring in new investment and expertise in order for Andy and his team to realize the true potential of SCX specialty projects.

“We have therefore been working with our consultants for some time to achieve this. I am delighted to have found a partner in Elysian Capital who can help take the business to the next level and, as a continuing shareholder, I look forward to future success. “

Andy Whitworth, CEO of SCX, added: “We are very excited about the next phase of SCX special projects.

“Our growing reputation, supported by a number of high profile projects recently, has generated significant inquiries, particularly from overseas, a market that we have only recently developed.

“Elysian Capital’s support will allow us to capitalize on the great growth opportunities we see both in the UK and internationally.”

The deal was advised by the South Yorkshire companies BHP and Keebles.

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